Evaluation: PLU Featured Programs Fall 2021

This is a brief program evaluation for your semester study away program. This is different from other assessments and evaluations you may have completed, it provides the Wang Center with valuable feedback on specific aspects of your study away experience on your semester program. If you have any questions regarding this evaluation, please contact Megan Grover megan.grover@plu.edu. Thanks!

1. Did PLU's study away opportunities influence your decision to attend PLU?*
2. How did you learn about study away opportunities at PLU (mark all that apply)?*
5. Please indicate the term in which you studied away.*
6. Why did you choose this study away program? Check all that apply.*
7. Select the components of the PLU orientation provided by the Wang Center that prepared you for your study away program.*
8. I was adequately prepared and supported during my study away experience regarding my program's COVID-19 risk mitigation measures.*