PLU ELL Observation Tool

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  1. Candidate shows emerging skills/attempts in this skill area, but remains dependent upon the cooperating teacher or others for guidance. Candidate may not show initiative in making changes. Candidate, if alone, would not succeed in this area. 
  2. Candidate is showing effort and independence. The skill set is developing and there is less reliance on others. Candidate is showing diligence in attempts to improve. If left alone, the candidate would struggle but would be minimally successful in this area. 
  3. Candidate is independent in this area and is showing proficient skill. Candidate, if left alone, would be successful in this area. Candidate appears to be a novice and successful teacher in this area. 
  4. Candidate is showing exemplary skill in this area and is entirely independent. The candidate appears to be operating above a novice teacher level.
Candidate demonstrates knowledge and application of concepts, theories, and research from applied linguistics, second language acquisition, and literacy development.*
Candidate demonstrates knowledge and application of strategies which incorporate cultural and linguistic diversity to ensure equity in teaching and learning.*
Candidate constructs and facilitates learning experiences that simultaneously develop English language proficiencies and discipline-specific knowledge.*
Candidate applies knowledge of linguistics (e.g., phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, discourse across contexts) to support language development in all language domains (listening, speaking, reading, writing, viewing).*
Candidate differentiates instruction and assessment by applying concepts, theories, and research of educational linguistics, second language acquisition, and literacy development.*
Candidate consistently engages in culturally responsive practices that empower students intellectually, socially, emotionally, and politically to develop knowledge, skills, and attitudes.*
Candidate plans, differentiates, and use materials, for multiple language proficiency levels ensuring meaningful access to grade-level content for each student.*
Candidate plans and supports English language learners’ authentic engagement and interaction in a variety of learning environments (e.g., whole group, cooperative groups, independent learning, and individualized instruction).*
Candidate applies a variety of assessment tools and methods (e.g., formative, summative, and standardized) appropriate for English language learners to inform instruction, facilitate appropriate placement, and monitor language development and academic progress.*
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