Reverse Transfer Request Form

Students admitted to PLU as a transfer student with no more than 15 quarter hours remaining to the completion of an Associate of Arts DTA (AA-DTA) at a Washington State Community or Technical College (CTC) upon their start at PLU may qualify for reverse transfer benefit. This process will allow students to complete their remaining AA-DTA requirements with PLU coursework within one academic year from their first term at PLU. Interested students must initiate this process within the first term of enrollment by submitting this form.

To qualify:

  1. Be admitted to PLU as a transfer student in Fall 2021 or later (Running Start students are not transfer students).
  2. Need no more than 15 quarter credits to complete an Associate of Arts Direct Transfer Agreement (AA-DTA) at a Washington State Community or Technical College (CTC) upon your start at PLU.


  1. Student has 1 academic year from their first term at PLU to complete their remaining AA-DTA requirements with PLU coursework.
  2. Student will not concurrently enroll at PLU and the CTC; all coursework used toward the Reverse Transfer process will be completed at PLU (up to 3 courses or 14 semester credits) to be transferred back to the CTC.
  3. Student is responsible for initiating the Reverse Transfer process, managing all communication with the CTC, and for providing all required academic records to the respective institutions (e.g. CTC degree report, official transcripts).
  4. Successful completion of the Reverse Transfer process will award the student all PLU General Education Program elements except four semester hours in religion (Christian Traditions), four semester hours in Perspectives on Diversity, the two to four semester hours of senior seminar requirement, and the College of Arts and Sciences requirement.


  1. Student completes and submits a PLU Reverse Transfer Request Form
    • Student will contact the CTC to determine which CTC requirements need to be met to be awarded an AA-DTA, and confirm which PLU courses can be transferred to the CTC to meet those requirements. Upload an official letter or email from a CTC official (e.g. academic advisor/planner) which confirms your remaining requirements and which PLU courses will be accepted by the CTC to meet the remaining requirements.
  2. Student works with a PLU Center for Student Success advisor to develop an academic plan that incorporates the courses needed to earn the AA-DTA within the first academic year of enrollment at PLU.
  3. Once all PLU courses are complete, student will send a set of official PLU transcripts to the CTC for their evaluation and posting of an AA-DTA (
    • Student should confirm with the CTC if there are any additional steps needed for the AA-DTA to be awarded (e.g. graduation application).
  4. Student will submit an updated official set of CTC transcripts to PLU once the AA-DTA is posted.

Student Information

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CTC Information

Please enter the information for the Washington community or technical college from which you will seek an AA-DTA.

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CTC Official Name*
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Student will be copied on all correspondence between PLU and CTC official.
Letter/Email from CTC official confirming remaining CTC requirements and approved PLU courses to complete AA-DTA.*
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